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When it comes to your child’s safety in the car, one of the most important things is making sure they have the right seat fitting. Without the proper restraints, your child is at significant higher risk in the event of an accident on the road.

There are also national requirements that mean you need to have the correct sized seat for your child, fitted correctly for your vehicle with the right fastening equipment in place. It can be overwhelming to make sure everything has been installed correctly, which is why it is often best to leave the setting up of a new child car seat to trained professionals.

We Are Child Restraint Fittings Experts

If you are looking to stay up to date with the latest in car safety for you children, but aren’t sure if you are following all the safety protocols, the expert team at Anthony’s Car and Head Centre can give you all the advice you need. If you are looking for assistance installing a child seat correctly, we are here to help.

While there is nothing wrong with installing a child or infant car seat on your own, expert advice suggests that you professional will help to make sure it is done to the highest safety standards. When done correctly, a proper restraint fitting will significantly reduce the risk of your child being harmed in the event of an accident.

Don’t leave the safety of your child to guesswork. If you are not completely sure the restraints are secured properly, let the professionals get it right.

Trust Our Expert Technicians For Your Next Seat Fitting

At Anthony’s Car and Head Centre, we sell, install, inspect and adjust child car seats. More, we don’t just install the seat and leave you wondering how it was done. We will walk you through the entire process, demonstrating how to fit and install the seat so that if you need to remove it from your car, you will know how to reinstall and adjust it.

It is important that you check your child or infant’s car seat regularly, ensuring that the restraints are still properly fastened. This is another reason we show you how to install your car seat, so that you will know what to do if you need to adjust a child restraint. You will be able to ensure that the child restraint fittings are quickly secured and in the best position to maximise the safety of your child.

Our workshop is part of the Bosch Car Service Network, delivering the absolute best servicing when it comes to child seat installation, making sure that your kids are kept as safe as possible. 

Book an appointment with Anthony’s Car and Head Centre to have our accredited mechanics assist with all of your child car seat needs. We can provide current advice about safety practices when travelling with children or install a brand new car seat for you.

For authorised restraint installation or any queries, please get in contact with our team on 0264922442 or complete our easy online booking form.

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Anthony's Car And Head Centre
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