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Anthony's Car And Head Centre
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While we handle routine vehicle maintenance and engine diagnostics, we also provide a range of specialty services, including cylinder head reconditioning, child restraint systems, auxiliary seating and specialised peddles.

We take the time to provide real-world solutions that help people of all abilities enjoy their vehicle. Our team offers disability access installations, like wheelchair lifts and Kivi aid systems. With 100+ years of combined experience, Anthony’s Car & Head Centre can keep your vehicle running right for years to come. Read more below or give us a call to see how we can help.


Ensure your children are protected while driving. Our team can install the proper child restraint systems in your vehicle to ensure your precious cargo is protected. More than 90 per cent of child restraint systems are improperly installed. Don’t take that kind of risk!

Child Restraint Installations Picture


Having a disability should not keep you from being able to travel comfortably. However, most vehicles are not equipped to handle disabled individuals. Our team can install disability access equipment that makes getting in and out of your vehicle easier. Certain vehicles can even be equipped with roll-on/roll-off systems, making it possible to stay in your wheelchair and still be secure.

Disability Access Installations Image


Vehicle seats are standardised and therefore built for the majority of riders. Our team understands that some people require more support and install a range of auxiliary seating solutions. Specialised seats can be fitted to your vehicle, regardless of the make or model, providing additional support and assistance.

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When standard peddles won’t suffice, let us help. We can install alternative peddle assemblies to meet your unique needs. From peddle extensions that fold away to specialised peddles that increase or decrease pushing pressure for muscular issues, our team will match the solution to the needs of the driver.


Flywheel Grinding

Our team offers flywheel grinding to ensure the smooth functioning of your clutch. This is far more cost-effective than an all-out replacement and will help to restore the efficiency of your vehicle. We utilise the best resurfacing equipment to extend the life of your vehicle’s components.

Flywheel Grinding Image

Brake Disc Machining

Over time, your brakes will wear down and begin to underperform. This is not only a threat to your safety—it also affects the smooth functioning of your vehicle. We offer brake machining to extend the life of your brake pads and ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

Brake Disc Machining Image

Logbook Servicing

Stay up to date with logbook servicing and ensure your vehicle is functioning as intended. Our team will provide preventative maintenance to save you money, long-term. While it may be a hassle to pay for routine servicing, the alternative is more expensive – you’ll pay in time, money and inconvenience.

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